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Regardless of the current economic outlook or the size of your organization, as an astute business manager, you’re always searching for ways to reduce expenses and increase the bottom line. Here are suggestions for using your computer to reduce marketing and operational expenses and help achieve that goal.

Take advantage of free advertising. Consider listing your company information on well-known websites that let you upload directions to your physical location so your customers can find you. You may also be able to include details about your products and services, as well as reviews from satisfied customers.

Communicate online. Interact with potential clients and customers by sharing your expertise on your website and social media. Providing facts and tips about how to use your products and services raises awareness of the depth of your knowledge. Interconnect your website and your social media presence, and be sure to include site information on your invoices and business cards.

Pool resources. Integrate your online savings methods with offline alliances. For example, combine an online order of office supplies with neighboring businesses for bulk purchasing discounts and shared delivery fees.

Put your telephone online. Investigate internet phone services, which let you connect an existing phone to your internet broadband. You might also research “Voice over IP” or VoIP, which typically requires you to use your computer to place or receive calls. Either choice may provide savings over traditional telephone systems. Alternatively, if you have employees who work virtually, hosted network systems can let you access features such as transferring callers between employees. These systems are typically “cloud-based,” meaning they utilize off-site resources, and can eliminate the need to buy or maintain hardware or software.

Create a virtual business card. Create a clickable business card using your email program. You can email or text your card and save printing costs.

Contact us for more tips on how to use technology to improve your company’s bottom line. We’re here to help.