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IMPORTANT: We continue to have limited physical office hours, currently set as Monday-Thursday 9:00-4:00, and Friday’s are By Appointment Only.  With our varying staff levels, our phones do have additional hours of coverage, so please feel free to call. We still welcome you to pre-schedule a visit with our team as we would be happy to provide any one on one you may need!


I highly recommend Gray CPA, Inc. The entire staff is knowledgeable and service-oriented. I know that no matter what I need, anyone there can help me. I appreciate the level of commitment they have to their clients. They truly work in partnership with me to make sure all my bases are covered.

Diane Helbig- Seize This Day Coaching


Before I received their services, I was uninformed and unsure how to proceed as a small business. I was not incorporated and did not have an LLC. I was referred to Bob from one friend… and then another. Finally, after procrastinating and being dissatisfied with another accountant the previous year, I teamed up with Gray CPA.

I was reluctant purely due to being unsure of how to proceed. They made this process easy and efficient. The staff is immensely helpful, easy to reach and fast to respond. Whether by email or simply a phone call, I receive information, answers to questions, and feedback immediately.

Since I started using their services, I’ve become both business and personal friends with the staff. I’ve referred my family, friends and colleagues.

If I was advising someone looking for accounting services, I would tell them to simply schedule an appointment with Gray CPA and allow them to explain what they do and how they can help. They are an honest and informative group, and extremely easy to work with. They explain the nuances of their service, and describe everything from tax planning to corporate details in a way that is easily understood. Each person in their office is friendly, positive and helpful. I could not imagine running my business without their expertise.

Dr. John J. Novak-Avon Eye Design


Gray CPA are the ultimate tax tacticians, providing our small business with the utmost in professionalism and timely dedication. USA Expositions has been a business client since our inception in May 2003, and I’ve been a personal client for over 25 years.

Brian Roggenburk


Gray CPA has managed taxes for our small business for more than 12 years. Service is their differentiator — all staff members are consistently responsive and helpful, and communicate complex issues clearly. They really take the time to ensure the client understands their tax situation and work cooperatively and proactively to manage issues. We appreciate the value they provide, and would recommend them to any small business.

Angela Hummel, Partner, Alterra Group LLC


I transferred both my business and personal tax needs after my long time tax consultant retired. The firm was very helpful in identifying areas where taxes could be reduced for both my business and personal returns. This was a result of a year end meeting held each year and was based of IRS rulings that had been handed down during the year.

The firm was extremely helpful when I sold my company, advising me when to transfer ownership to enjoy the best tax treatment. If I were ever to enter the business world again, I would not attempt it without Gray CPA, Inc.

I have personally recommended the firm to my family and my friends.

 James R. Potter


My husband and I bought into a National Franchise in 2011 after over 20 years working for a large corporation. We felt the skills we had gained over the years served well for business ownership and we also knew that we would need a CPA to assist with business issues, taxes as well as learning and using QuickBooks to manage the financials of the business.

The solutions we were seeking were from our CPA:

  • understood franchising and small businesses
  • understood how we financed our business and could assist with that transition
  • knew and could teach QuickBooks
  • assist us with our annual taxes and answer questions.

In addition, we hoped for a CPA firm rather than just an individual.

We had joined the Rocky River Chamber of Commerce, so we decided to meet with the CPA’s that were chamber members along with a few others that were referred to us. When we met with Bob we liked him immediately. He was a chamber member, we shared a common hobby of boating, Bob was very easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. Many of his current clients were small business owners like us. Bob also has three staff members, one a QuickBooks expert.

We did our due diligence and met with all of the CPA’s on our list, then asked Bob if we could meet with him again to ask a few more questions. He did, and shortly after we chose Bob as our CPA.

The results of working with Bob and his team have exceeded our expectations. Bob is very personable and accessible. I worked closely with Misty to learn QuickBooks and the various functions needed to manage the financials of our business. I had a lot of questions and asked for several meetings with Misty. Not once did Misty make me feel uncomfortable or that any of my questions were silly.

If you are considering a CPA firm, we would highly recommend considering Robert H. Gray CPA. He is knowledgeable, current, has a great team of professionals and goes above and beyond to ensure his clients are satisfied!

Lori Kolenich, Owner, Speedpro Imaging Cleveland West


 Garland New Homes moved our tax and accounting business over to Gray CPA in 2008. It was a very easy transition. We are impressed with their efficient services. They have been very helpful over the years and provide excellent service that we would highly recommend.

 Matt Garland, Garland New Homes