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Give Your Personal Brand a Boost

The idea of building a personal brand might seem intimidating, but the benefits can be career-altering. Not only does your brand promote you to the entire market, but it also solidifies your standing within your network, where most new career opportunities come from. Here are some steps to consider for building a brand that promotes your strengths and showcases your value.

  1. Do a personal evaluation. Start by reflecting on your personal and career experiences. Write down a list of traits and accomplishments that are good portrayals of the value you bring to people and organizations. Ask yourself questions such as, “How would others describe me?” or “In what situations would people look to me for help?” Also, take an inventory of your social network presence. You can even try googling yourself to see what comes up. Understanding the current state of your brand, both online and offline, is imperative before taking the next step.
  2. Be authentic. As you do your self-evaluation, the shape of your persona will start to emerge. Maybe you’re a go-to person for complex problems, someone people confide in for advice, or a trusted leader who isn’t afraid of making the big decision. Odds are you’re a combination of a lot of different things, but try to nail down the main ideas so you can narrow your focus. The key here is to be authentic and genuine. There’s no sense in building a brand based on something that you’re not — this only causes problems for you and everyone around you.
  3. Build your online profile. More than ever, people and businesses are looking to learn about you by researching online. You should try to match your online profile to your in-person qualities. This comes more naturally to some than others, but even some simple steps can enhance your online persona. Start by choosing a profile picture that displays who you are in the best possible light. On LinkedIn, for example, your career industry will dictate the style you choose. This photo will be your first impression, so make sure it conveys the look you are going for.
  4. Engage and network. Networking is extremely important to your brand. A LinkedIn study shows that 85% of professionals believe networking is important for finding your next role, while 70% of job changes happen because of a connection at the new company. To increase your online presence, consider posting on a consistent basis. You can start simply by sharing an article you thought was interesting. Then, take it a step further by sharing a story that taught you something. The more you do it, the more comfortable you’ll be, and the more that your authentic personality will start to show.
  5. Tell your story. Don’t be afraid to share things about your personality and experiences that helped shape who you are as a person. This will draw people to you and start to build trust. And you don’t have to get deeply personal…even the smallest little details about something unique about your day or an experience can make you more interesting.

Building a brand is a lifelong process, so keep at it and don’t be afraid to evolve as you go and learn. And who knows, you might even learn something about yourself in the process.